Chances are you’ve heard or read this before, but it bears repeating — animals provide unconditional love to their human companions. No strings, no gimmicks, no games — just unconditional love. They are always there for you, no matter what.

I love animals. Always have & always will, though I’m not too fond of anything reptilian. (Snakes scare me something fierce and I can’t even watch anything with snakes on TV.) I always had pets when I was growing up — cats, dogs, hamsters, even had a pet goat & a pet rooster. I’ve also been fortunate enough to enjoy the company of many dogs & cats during most of my adult life and I am currently the “mother” of Heidi, a 14-year-old standard red smooth-coat female dachshund with Frankenstein-ish scars on her neck & back from two disc surgeries, and Smooches, a 9 1/2-year-old male tuxedo cat who is paralyzed from the waist down. For all that my furry companions give to me, I feel it is my responsibility to return the favor where I can.

This blog was the result of a suggestion from Ron Marullo, Executive Director of the Humane Society of Williamson County (HSWC), during a brief conversation we had following my volunteer orientation. He suggested that I write a post about my orientation experience on my Facebook page and then let him know when it was done so he could add a link from the HSWC Facebook page to my post. The blog was created after realizing that my Facebook privacy settings would be a barrier to sharing my experience with others not on my friend list.

“XOXO & Cold Wet Noses” is a public journal of my personal experiences as a volunteer with HSWC. It is my sincere hope that by sharing my stories with others, readers will be more aware of the needs of HSWC & similar non-profit organizations and simply be inspired to get involved.


Pamela Lind

Biskit's First Christmas

My Biskit, My Angel

In the Beginning The story of Biskit begins in October 1997, when he showed up on my doorstep one day. He was about 2 months old at the time. I suspected he belonged to one of the families in the neighborhood; however, no one came looking for him so I opened my door and my heart …

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Talent Agent for 9/25/11

Spent Sunday morning with my friend, Renée Hagen, playing with cats at the shelter. Lots of cuties just waiting for loving homes.

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Lost and Found Pets from Texas Wildfires

With no chance of rain in the forecast anytime soon, the danger of wildfires increases with each passing day. Wildfires have been reported across Texas due to extreme drought conditions. Thousands of people have been affected by the fires and hundreds of homes have been destroyed. Amidst all the tragedy, we need to remember the impact …

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